$200k fine for unlicensed music in Melbourne bar

Photo by Peter Tarasiuk/ Broadsheet Melbourne. Top Melbourne bar Hairy Little Sista has been fined $200k for playing music without a license – $185k of which was awarded to Phonographic Performance Company of Australia for ‘damages’. Continue reading

Tourism News Headlines

Kangaroo tourism – dangerous and unregulated

PHOTO: Experts say the kangaroos have lost their fear of people and have grown hungrier for the food being given to them.(Supplied: Shane Lewis)
International visitors are shuttled to the grounds of Morisset Hospital in NSW – but the kangaroos gathered there have become so violent and ravenous for relatively sugar-rich carrots fed to them by tourists that the roos are causing serious injury. State agencies have been called upon to regulate the area – but there is no evidence Continue reading

Airport fees keep airfares high: ACCC

The ACCC has said consumers are continuing to endure high airline ticket prices because of monopoly airport fees being passed on by airlines. The Tourism News is calling for submissions from tourism operators on the effect high airfare prices have on Australian tourism. Continue reading

Flight Centre’s price beat: so good it’s illegal

Flight Centre have been fined AUD$12.5m for trying to induce Singapore, Malaysia and Emirates airlines to increase their own fares so that Flight Centre could always ‘price beat’ them. Gluttons for punishment, Flight Centre didn’t take the lower, initial fine – they kept fighting in court for 6 years. The ACCC are regretful that the $12.5m fine is still generally a ‘cost of doing business’ for a company doing $2.6b in annual revenue. Continue reading

Top End indigenous producing high-end furniture

Photo: Milingimbi Island craftsmen Sean Mandaway and Josiah Baker at the Manapan factory. Photo from TOVO.
Indigeous Northern Territorians are making their way in high-end furniture – and fetching up to $10k per piece for their uniquely NT pieces. Continue reading

Priscilla: Cash and acceptance for Broken Hill

23 years after its release, the Australian movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is still providing much-needed tourism income to the outback town. A less-expected benefit: a wider understanding and appreciation of gay culture among trainloads of older visitors. Continue reading

Silo art a tourism boon for outback towns

Silo art is becoming a huge attraction in outback towns. One artist has reported seeing 50 campers a day approach him as he finished his silo art over three weeks. One significant learning came from the Brim, Victoria experience though – tourists want details; names, histories, and stories are what complete the attraction. Continue reading

Hold your own Wikipedia publishing sessions

An NT Library marketer has discovered a clever way to get the under-represented history of the Northern Territory online – she has started a Wikipedia Club. Continue reading

Penalty rate cuts for Arts+Rec, not F&B

Tourism groups have largely welcomed the Productivity Commission’s 23rd Feb 2017 cut to Sunday penalty rates, but restaurant and cafe operators have been left at square one – there is no cut to penalty rates in restaurants and cafes, or in clubs. More details – and an explainer – here. Continue reading

Dreamworld owners avoid tax and culpability

Photo: The scene at Dreamworld, Queensland, that left four people dead in October 2016. The park refused to provide evidence of any safety assurance systems to inspectors in 2012.
It’s a game of cops and robbers as profit-driven businesses dodge purportedly stringent safety standards and executive bonuses discourage safety reporting, writes Veronica Hope. Continue reading

Brain-eating virus causes lake closure; thanks AGL

Photo and caption from Photo from Central Coast Fly Rodders’ Club. A major tourism lake in NSW’ famous Hunter Valley has been poisoned, resulting in the closure of the lake. Gas corporation AGL, who have a significant plant on the edge of NSW’ Lake Liddell, have closed the lake to swimmers after a brain-eating amoeba was found. Tourism operators on the shore of the lake are expected to just fend for themselves with no explanation or compensation offered for the poisoning. Continue reading

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