Pushing arts uphill w poor quality events

From The Tourism News, 28th September 2015

It our ongoing search for quality news from around Australia, The Tourism News frequently comes across stories like the below: a PR piece for a fashion show in a regional area that seems to only get coverage from the local News Limited paper, in this case, the NT News.

The elephant in the room though is that the quality of the art/ event in question is just not there, and therefore will never gain traction or attract tourists. The feature image for a below story for example, showcases NT Fashion Week’s best work; a dress that whilst beautiful, is visibly poorly-made.

As explained in the below article from The Australian in May 2015, a lack of art criticism, particularly in regards to government-funded/ culturally sensitive subject matter (especially indigenous art) has resulted in poorer overall results across all Australian arts.

Veronica Hope

Art in decline as critics and judges hold back: See this Tourism News reproduction of this story from The Australian.

The main event to be held at Kerry’s Auto Group Showroom today.

From The NT News, 28th September 2015

Model Artia Ratahi showcases The Big Day's Sarina Coucher's Gypsy themed dress for NT Fas

Model Artia Ratahi showcases The Big Day’s Sarina Coucher’s Gypsy themed dress for NT Fashion Week. Picture: Ivan Rachman

THE final fittings have taken place after many sleepless nights for local designers showing at NT Fashion Week.

Designer Sarina Coucher has spent the last month whipping up her Gypsy inspired range ready to hit the runway today.

NT Fashion week was the only time of year Coucher gets to stretch her creativity and branch out from her bridal wear business.

“This is the only thing I can do it for, it’s the only outlet,” she said.

“I don’t make it to sell it, I make it for expression.”

Ms Coucher has been a regular on the NT Fashion Week runway with a fresh look gracing the Territory models year after year.

“I like to be different every year,” she said.

“This year has a gypsy vibe; I’m always inspired by travel and different cultures.”

This year’s fashion week is scaled back from previous years with the main event held at Kerry’s Auto Group Showroom today.

Ms Coucher said it was always a great opportunity to collaborate with other designers and shine a light on the fashion industry in the NT

“We get that level of professional and that portal to show out stuff.”

The day will showcase one other local designer and a range of local retailers with pop-up shops at the event.