Regional cabs run their own meter

TTN: Whilst the cab industry fights for its right to $300k licenses down south, cabbies in Katherine, NT are running their own show in the important tourism town. In a recent spot check of cabs by police, nine out of 12 cabs were issued with infringement notices for serious offences such as over-charging. In a remote town that can use all the transport help it can get, this is a PR disaster for Katherine tourism.

Majority of Katherine cabbies checked caught breaching code of conduct

From the NT News, 7th March 2016

THE majority of taxi drivers checked during a police sting in Katherine on Friday were issued with infringement notices.

Superintendent Lauren Hill said 12 taxis were checked from various operators around Katherine.

“Out of the dozen taxis checked, nine were issued infringement notices for failing to comply with the Taxi Drivers and Operators Code of Conduct,” she said.

“Another four infringement notices were issued for various offences including failing to operate taximeter, fail to display ID card, fail to maintain taxi to minimum standard and charge fare higher than determined rate.”

Supt Hill said transport inspectors regularly worked together to safeguard road users and commuters.

“The taxi industry is an important component of the Katherine community and police will work in partnership with the industry to ensure road safety compliance,” she said.