Gidgegannup museum new attraction

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Gidgegannup museum new centrepiece

The Museum of Pubs in Gidgedannup has a new attraction, at nearly 5 m long, a one of a kind foam sausage roll that was found on facebook marketplace has been added to the museum.

Currently, the collection is available for viewing only via appointment or invitation, Collector/Museum owner Steven Chadwick and his wife are hoping to formally open the museum as a licensed business.

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from Perth now 30.09.21

Pound for pound, a nearly 5m-long pastry has turned into the best value sausage roll in all of WA.

Collector Steven Chadwick paid just $20 for the 4.5m-long foam pastry that first found fame leading the Highway to Hell festival trucks along Canning Highway.

Discovered by his son-in-law in a Facebook marketplace advertisement, Mr Chadwick, left, described his latest acquisition as a diamond in the rough.

It even comes with a giant tomato sauce packet to match.

“There was only one of them ever made so you’re not going to find another one anywhere else,” he said of the pastry made of foam.

“He (the seller) wanted to get rid of it; it had been on his patio since the event, so we just took it off his hands.”

Mr Chadwick’s wife Janet Prudhan said it was “a sight to see” tied to their ute hanging over the front and back of the car as they took it home to Gidgegannup.

The bakery treat’s new home is in Mr Chadwick’s home-grown ‘Museum of Pubs’ on the bottom floor of his house, which he hopes one day to be able to open as a licensed tourism business.

It features memorabilia collected over the past 30 years.

The couple hopes to soon formally open the museum as a licensed business, as at the moment the collection is available for viewing only via appointment or invitation.

Mr Chadwick He said there were approvals in place for a car park, small cafe area and toilet block, but the biggest sticking point was a fire risk plan.

“Because we live in such a fire-prone area up in the Hills, it’s classed as forest so now we’re in the highest BAL fire risk so it’s getting there slowly,” Mr Chadwick said.

The sausage roll joins a decadent collection alongside pieces of all kinds of memorabilia from cars, smokes and Coca-Cola to iconic rock bands including Kiss, Cold Chisel and of course, AC/DC.

Despite the striking new addition, the centrepiece of his museum remains a 5m-high Johnnie Walker scotch bottle, welcoming visitors as they enter.

It was originally featured at Perth’s 2009 Johnnie Walker Classic international golf tournament.

Mr Chadwick said his passion for collecting began while working at a recycling plant after he moved to Australia in the 1970s.

“I noticed all the different sort of cans they had and a fellow came in from the beer can collectors asking if we had any beer cans so I joined that about 30 years ago and the museum ended up from that,” he said.

“The design on the cans, the artwork and the different logos; there’s so many different craft breweries in WA and across Australia.”.

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